o̼ n̼ t̼ h̼ e̼ e̼ d̼ g̼ e̼ o̼ f̼ s̼ e̼ n̼ s̼ e̼  , 

                           o̼ n̼. t̼ h̼ e̼ e̼ d̼ g̼ e̼. s o̼ f̼ o̼ u̼ r̼. s̼ e̼ n̼ s̼ e̼ s̼

Lucy Papadopoulos explores the multi-dimensionality of science and spirituality through experimental music, sound, interactive set-ups, drawings, paintings, research and writings. She investigates forms of the invisible or unknown from recognising the consciousness embedded in all phenomena and non-human forms of intelligence, to ‘unknowable’ realms of reality and the other-ness of outer space. Her inter-disciplinary practice philosophically dissects the human fear of the unknown and disconnection from nature. 

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