o̼c̼e̼a̼n̼ d̼r̼i̼f̼t̼e̼r̼s̼

The Ocean Drifters Experience is a sensory installation designed to stimulate human empathy for lifeforms at a microscopic scale.

Ninety percent of ocean species are plankton. These organisms form the foundation of our ecosystem, producing 50% of the earth's oxygen. Sound and vibration from human activity now threaten the survival of these essential species and, with them, our entire chain of life.

Ocean Drifters amplifies the impacts of human sound as imagined from a plankton’s point of view. At the centre of Ocean Drifters is a soundscape composed to evoke deep sea resonance by fusing a low frequency atmosphere with participant generated sound.

An ambisonic speaker array bathes participants in sound and vibration as they lie in large fishing nets suspended beneath indigo light.  In this relaxed state of sonic awareness, participants begin to soften established notions of boundaries and power between people, non-humans and the natural world. The dominance of sound opens access to imagining a multi-scalar world where the understanding of life might be transformed. 

Sounds recorded by participants in their own voice are distorted and re-mixed as intrusions into the ocean-inspired soundscape. Between sessions, text, graphics and video in the physical space provide context and compelling visuals for visitors.

The Ocean Drifters Experience is a collective immersion that aims to shift perspectives on the perceived value of life at an invisible scale, by creating a visceral sensation of the vulnerability of microscopic ocean life. 

As part of KARUNA-M duo with Tyler Moorehead

Exhibited at IRCAM Paris 2020, London Design Biennale 2021, and nominated for Terra Carta Sustainable Initiatives Fund 2021.

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