m̼e̼s̼o̼s̼c̼o̼p̼i̼c̼ o̼b̼j̼e̼c̼t̼

Mesoscopic Object (2017) is an interactive installation using a set of bass frequencies to trigger different vibrational patterns in a tray of water. Each frequency creates a different constellation of water patterns, in a phenomenon known as cymatics. Using motion sensor technology, the work functions only with the viewer’s active engagement with it: Depending on the position of the viewer in the room, the work may or may not turn on.

The ‘observer effect’ in quantum physics is the theory that measuring a situation or phenomenon necessarily changes that phenomenon. In what is known as ‘the double slit experiment’, the observer effect occurs when the ‘observer’ (or scientist) measures a particle or photon. Before this moment of observation, the particle exists as a probability of being in two or more states at the same time.

Research accredited by Dr Christian Byrnes,
Cosmologist at University of Sussex

Winner of Nagoya Prize, 2018 

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