t̼r̼a̼c̼e̼s̼ o̼f̼ i̼n̼t̼a̼n̼g̼i̼b̼l̼e̼ e̼v̼e̼n̼t̼s̼

In the study of interference patterns of light, physicists detect invisible particles by tracing their effect on visible particles. Each tangible photon detectable in our universe is said to have an accompanying intangible photon from another universe, known as a shadow photon. In these experiments the moment of scientific measurement decides the state of the particle.

Superposition is the ability of the quantum system to be in multiple states until it is measured. Up until this point, the particle can be represented only by a probability of being a particle or a wave, or both at the same time.

Traces of Intangible Events (2015) is a film and a series of prints as an analogy for such scientific thinking. In the ancient Japanese marbling technique of Suminagashi, undetectable factors create subtle movements of water, as shown in the film. The resulting prints are completely different to each other; the unique formation of the rings dependent on intangible effect of the movement of water in which each print takes place. In a similar way to the quantum system, the wave-form is frozen at the point of printing onto paper, only determinable at this point. 

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